Florian Slotawa   
GS.OO2, 2007, dishwasher, window, glas

Born 1972 in Rosenheim (Germany)
Lives and works in Berlin (Germany)

The private was a central theme in Florian Slotawa’s art from the very beginning. Already during his studies in the mid-nineties in Hamburg and Munich, Slotawa made his personal belongings – plates, cutlery, jeans, tables, chairs, car – the material of his work. In Hamburg, for example, he occupied a studio belonging to the university, which he filled with his belongings during the semester break. He carefully catalogued all his household items and took photographs of them in groups (Hamburger Bestandsaufnahme, (Hamburger Stocktaking), 1996). Later, at the 4th Berlin Biennale 2006, he also applied the principle of “ownership” to a collector couple in the work Ersatzturm. The sculpture GS.002 (2007), on the other hand, seems downright standoffish and impersonal: a dishwasher and two glass windows perform a balancing act and radiate the elegance of a group of motorcycle acrobats from a police unit. This fits the title abbreviation GS, which presumably stands for “Große Skulptur” (large sculpture).